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English Avenue for non-Japanese Speakers
About English Avenue

English Avenue is an English- and Japanese-language school in Tokyo, Japan.

We currently operate three schools in the following venues:

  1. English Avenue Nakameguro in Meguro-ku, Tokyo,

  2. English Avenue Ochanomizu in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,

  3. and English Avenue Online School.

The languages taught are American English and Japanese.

Our currently enrolled students choose a school near their work, school, or home, while our online school is available to students living outside of Japan, as well as outside the Tokyo metropolitan area.

The online school is available for students living overseas, depending on the time zone differences with our instructors. If requested, students from the online school can also take a one-time class at either of the Tokyo schools. Although the class format may vary, the content of the lessons is of the same high quality.

Why don't you expand your world by acquiring natural English/Japanese that can be easily understood by native speakers? Why don't you change your life by acquiring English/Japanese proficiency?

The day you think of an exciting idea is the best day to start something new in your life!

We invite you to knock on the door of English Avenue!

Features of English Avenue

English Avenue (EA) has the following 10 features that ensure you learn natural, understandable English efficiently and effectively:

English Avenue Method



English Avenue


〒153- 0051 東京都目黒区上目黒1−26−1

中目黒アトラスタワー・アネックス  315−2

⭐️東急東横線/日比谷線 中目黒駅徒歩30秒 



〒101- 0052 東京都千代田区神田小川町3−2−25


⭐️ 新御茶ノ水・淡路町・小川町各駅より徒歩3分




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